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07.11.2016Asylum decisions: Social Indicators page
Asylum Decisions: Social Indicators page providing summary statistics on asylum decisions in the UK.
07.11.2016Asylum seekers: Social Indicators page
Asylum Seekers: Social Indicators page providing summary statistics on the number and origin of asylum seekers migrating to the UK.
09.09.2016Asylum Statistics
This Commons Library briefing paper analyses asylum statistics and trends in the UK and other EU countries. Statistics on asylums seekers and refugees in the UK are published by the Home Office and contain data on the number of people applying for asylum and the outcomes of asylum applications. Statistics on asylum seekers and refugees in European Union countries are published in the Home Office bulletin and by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
02.08.2016Brexit and UK immigration and asylum policy: a reading list
This reading list collates some recent commentary on the implications of the EU referendum vote for future UK immigration and asylum policy, and links to some related Library briefings.
15.07.2016Religious persecution in the Middle East and its effect on the UK
Religious persecution has been on the rise in the Middle East.
13.07.2016Sources of Statistics: Migration
This introductory guide provides sources of statistics on migration.
23.06.2016Commons Library Analysis: The UK's family reunion rules: striking the right balance?
There are various different provisions for refugee family reunion in the UK. Campaigners are pressing the Government to extend these further, particularly in respect of children's cases.
10.06.2016Commons Library briefing: Syrian refugees and the UK response
The Government is working to resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees in the UK by the end of this Parliament, under its Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement scheme. It has also recently agreed to provide some resettlement places to vulnerable children currently in the Middle East and North Africa, and for some unaccompanied children already in Europe (including Syrian nationals).
11.05.2016Should asylum seekers have unrestricted rights to work in the UK?
As a general rule, asylum seekers are not allowed to work in the UK. But they can apply for permission to fill a shortage vacancy if they have been waiting for over 12 months for an initial decision on their asylum claim. Attempts were made during the passage of the Immigration Bill 2015-16 to relax these restrictions, but they did not have Government support and were unsuccessful.
04.05.2016Immigration Bill 2015-16: Lords amendments and ping-pong stages
The Immigration Bill 2015-16 is currently in ping-pong stage. This Commons Library briefing paper gives an overview of the latest developments with the Bill.
12.02.2016Statistics on Migrants and Benefits
Data on migrants and benefits is incomplete and fragmented, not routinely available from a single source. This is because the nationality of benefit claimants is not routinely gathered by either DWP or HMRC when administering benefits or tax credits. This paper brings together the main available data sources - including DWP data on National Insurance Number registrations, departmental ad-hoc releases and responses to Freedom of Information requests - to analyse rates of benefit and tax credits receipt among migrants living in the UK.
11.12.2015The EU's response to the migration crisis: recent developments
This note provides a brief update on recent developments in the EU's response to the migration crisis, including the EU's military operation against people smuggling in the Mediterranean. Documents related to the EU's response to the migration crisis are due to be debated in the House on 14 December.
26.11.2015Immigration Bill 2015-16: Committee Stage Report
The Immigration Bill is due to have Report and Third Reading in the Commons on 1 December. This briefing summarises the main changes made to the Bill in Public Bill Committee and some of the new clauses proposed for consideration at Report stage.
16.11.2015Social Indicators 2015
This Research Paper summarises a wide range of social statistics. Subjects covered include agriculture, crime, defence, education, elections, environment and energy, health, housing, local government, population and migration, social security and transport.
14.10.2015Asylum support: accommodation and financial support for asylum seekers
Asylum seekers are not eligible for mainstream welfare benefits. Instead, if they are destitute, they can apply to UK Visas and Immigration for asylum support. The Immigration Bill 2015-16 would make some changes to asylum seekers' support entitlements, particularly in relation to refused asylum seeking families.
06.10.2015Immigration Bill 2015-16
The Immigration Bill 2015-16 is due to have its second reading in the Commons on 13 October.
08.09.2015Migration pressures in Europe
The crisis over deaths in of migrants in the Mediterranean has brought calls for decisive action from the EU.
07.09.2015Immigration detention in the UK: an overview
Home Office officials have the power to detain asylum seekers, as well as unauthorised migrants who do not enter the asylum system, for administrative purposes.
13.05.2015Constituency casework: asylum, immigration and nationality
Members of Parliament handle an enormous number of immigration, nationality and asylum enquiries from constituents. This briefing provides a brief overview of the UK's immigration and asylum system and basic British nationality law. It also outlines the legal restrictions on giving immigration advice, gives some suggestions on handling constituents' enquiries, refers to some sources of information that may be helpful for straightforward questions, and highlights training courses available to Members' staff.
30.03.2015Viral emails protesting about financial assistance for "illegal immigrants/refugees living in Britain"
A viral email claims that "illegal immigrants/refugees living in Britain" receive significantly more financial assistance from the Government than UK pensioners. The email originates from abroad and the figures quoted do not reflect the true situation in the United Kingdom.
24.03.2015Immigration and asylum: changes made by the Coalition Government 2010 - 2015
David Cameron described the Government's immigration policy objective as 'good immigration, not mass immigration.' The Government wanted to attract the 'brightest and best' migrants who were deemed most beneficial to the UK. It also wanted to reduce overall net migration levels from the hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands by the end of the 2010 - 2015 parliament, by minimising opportunities for abuse and being more selective about the criteria for entry.
14.10.2014Organisational reforms to the immigration system since 2006
The UK Border Agency has been replaced by the Home Office directorates 'UK Visas and Immigration', 'Immigration Enforcement' and 'Border Force'. In July 2014 the National Audit Office found that there has been mixed progress in addressing the concerns that had led to the abolition of the UKBA, and concluded that it is too early to detect an impact of organisational improvement on customers and stakeholders. Her Majesty's Passport Office has also been brought under direct Home Office control, with effect from 1 October 2014.
05.09.2014Ending child immigration detention
The Coalition Agreement committed the Government to ending child immigration detention. This led to the Government developing a new policy on family removals, aspects of which are now enshrined in the Immigration Act 2014.
21.07.2014Syrian refugees in Jordan
Enormous numbers of Syrians have taken refuge in Jordan, putting strain on the small country's resources. The House of Commons International Development Committee visited recently and voiced concern about Jordan's political stability.
02.07.2014Modern Slavery Bill 2014-15
This Bill modernises and consolidates the offences relating to slavery, and creates an Anti-Slavery Commissioner, and provision for child trafficking advocates.
27.01.2014Immigration Bill: Committee Stage Report
The Immigration Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 10 October 2013 and had its Second Reading on 22 October. It is due to have Report stage and Third Reading on 30 January 2014. This Note discusses the main issues debated in Public Bill Committee.
13.01.2014Human Trafficking: UK responses
This note examines the UK responses to human trafficking, including the Government's strategy and implementation of the Council of Europe Convention Against Trafficking and a related EU Directive. Standard Note SN/HA/6792 looks at the Draft Modern Slavery Bill published in December 2013.
26.11.2013Effects of the EU Charter of Rights in the UK
Does the UK have an opt-out from the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights via its Protocol? This Note presents views on the nature of the Protocol and what a 2011 ruling on the effects of the Protocl might mean with regard to the effects of the Charter in the UK.
17.10.2013Immigration Bill
The Immigration Bill would significantly reduce migrants' rights of appeal; restrict access to services including private rented accommodation, bank accounts and NHS services by reference to immigration status; establish new arrangements for investigating sham marriages and examining persons departing the UK; and make various other changes related to immigration controls.
05.07.2011Asylum: Claims based on sexual identity
The Coalition Agreement pledged not to remove asylum seekers from the UK if they are at proven risk of persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identification. The UKBA has since enhanced its guidance and training for asylum caseworkers on how to handle these types of asylum claim, but has been criticised for failing to monitor how the new approach is being implemented.
03.02.2010Anti-Slavery Day Bill
This note provides an overview of the Anti-Slavery Day Bill, which would require the Secretary of State to designate a date for an annual "Anti-Slavery Day" to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. The Bill is a Private Member's Bill introduced by Anthony Steen, founder of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking, who drew sixth place in the 2009-10 ballot for Private Members' Bills.
20.07.2009Human Trafficking: international responses
This note examines international responses to human trafficking, including an overview of relevant treaties from organisations such as the UN, the International Labour Organization and the Council of Europe.
22.05.2009Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL] (Bill 86 of 2008-09).
This paper is on the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL] (Bill 86 of 2008-09). This Bill would deal firstly with the transfer of border customs functions to the new UK Border Agency. It would also introduce new naturalisation requirements and deal with various other citizenship issues. The Bill as it was introduced in the Lords would have provided for immigration control to be introduced on air and sea routes within the Common Travel Area but these provisions were defeated in the Lords. Originally the Bill would also have restricted the involvement of the higher courts in immigration and nationality cases, but a Lords amendment limited the scope of this restriction. The Bill would introduce a new duty on the UK Border Agency to safeguard the welfare of children and make provisions in relation to trafficking babies and children for exploitation.
09.08.2007The Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill Bill 130 of 2006-07
31.01.2007The UK Borders Bill
30.06.2005Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill (Bill 13 of 2005-06)
Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill. (Bill 13 of 2005-06). House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/52
11.12.2003Asylum and Immigration:the 2003 Bill
Asylum and Immigration:the 2003 Bill. House of Commons Library Research Paper 03/88.
23.04.2002Nationality Immigration and Asylum Bill (Bill 119 of 2001/02)
The Nationality Immigration and Asylum Bill: immigration and asylum. Bill 119 of 2001/02. House of Commons Library Research Paper 02/26.
22.04.2002Nationality Immigration and Asylum Bill (Bill 119 of 2001/02)
The Nationality Immigration and Asylum Bill: nationality and citizenship. Bill 19 of 2001/02. House of Commons Library Research Paper 02/25.
16.11.2001Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill, Parts IV and V:Immigration asylum race and religion (Bill 49 of 2001-02)
Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill, Parts IV and V:Immigration, asylum race and religion (Bill 49 of 2001/02). House of Commons Library Research Paper 01/96.
19.02.1999Immigration and Asylum
Immigration and Asylum. House of Commons Library Research Paper 99/16.