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Content published before December 2016

This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on Africa. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

27.07.2016Somalia: July 2016 update
Somalia remains highly fragile as it prepares for legislative and presidential elections in August and September 2016 respectively. Even at this late stage there are reports that the elections may be delayed. The elections will not be on a 'one-person one-vote' basis as was originally hoped. While it has suffered setbacks, Al-Shabaab remains a real threat.
08.06.2016Mali: June 2016 update
In 2012-13 Mali experienced a massive political and security crisis from which it has been struggling to recover. This briefing provides a quick overview of that crisis, what has happened since then and what the UK's role has been.
28.04.2016Burundi crisis one year on: April 2016 update
Over the last year Burundi has been convulsed by a political and human rights crisis whose origins lie in the decision by President Pierre Nkurunziza to seek and then win a third term in office.
22.04.2016British soldiers to Libya?
Could British soldiers be sent to Libya? This briefing examines the Government's position and Parliament's role, if any, in approving such a mission.
14.03.2016War and peace in South Sudan: March 2016 update
South Sudan has been embroiled in a brutal civil war involving immense human suffering since December 2013. After numerous false starts, a peace deal was agreed in August 2015, but important elements are yet to be implemented.
26.02.2016Egypt under Sisi
The political aftermath of the military coup that removed Muslim Brotherhood has been rough on the Muslim Brotherhood and other opponents of the new government; the airline crash in the Sinai underlined growing security worries. Nevertheless, President al-Sisi remains popular with large segments of the population, however.
28.09.2015The Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda
On 25 September UN Member States agreed 17 'Sustainable Development Goals' at an extraordinary Summit of the UN General Assembly. At various points during the negotiations, the UK Government expressed concern that 17 goals was too many. Debates continue over how far the goals embody a 'transformational agenda'.
08.09.2015Migration pressures in Europe
The crisis over deaths in of migrants in the Mediterranean has brought calls for decisive action from the EU.
23.03.2015Civil war in South Sudan: a primer
South Sudan has been embroiled in a brutal civil war since December 2013. On one side is the government of President Salva Kiir Mayadit (Sudan People's Liberation Movement) and its' allies; on the other side is former Vice-President Riek Machar (Sudan People's Liberation Movement-in-Opposition) and his backers. As some observers warned might happen at the time, the euphoria and optimism that attended South Sudan's independence in July 2011 has quickly been shattered. At least 2.5 million people currently face crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity. 1.5 million people have been internally displaced. An estimated 60,000 people have been killed. With the price of oil down and oil exports in decline, the country's economy is in a parlous condition. Peace talks have so far failed and observers now fear a return to all-out conflict.
02.03.2015Ethiopia: DFID ends support for the Promotion of Basic Services Programme
On 26 February 2015, the Department for International Development (DFID) announced that it was reconfiguring important elements of its bilateral aid programme with Ethiopia. A key element of this reconfiguration is ending its support for the 'Promotion of Basic Services Programme' (PBS), a large multi-donor programme that also receives support from the World Bank and the African Development Bank. DFID's announcement is striking in that it makes no reference to the controversy that has surrounded the PBS in recent years. Some have implicated it in the Ethiopian Government's 'villagisation programme', which has allegedly involved forced resettlement and human rights abuses. This briefing seeks to place DFID's announcement in context.

Lords Library Notes

12.05.2016Queen's Speech 2016 Day 2: Foreign and European Affairs, International Development and Defence
The House of Lords is due to debate the Queen's Speech over four days between 19 and 25 May 2016. This briefing is one of four prepared by the House of Lords Library to cover the themes of each day of debate.
15.09.2015Recent Developments in the Middle East and North Africa
This Library Note provides background material on recent developments in the Middle East and North Africa.
05.12.2014Global Development Goals in 2015
On 11 December 2014, the House of Lords is scheduled to debate the following motion: 'that this House takes note of the case for establishing new global development goals in 2015'.
19.03.2012Question for Short Debate on 26 March: Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army
This Library Note provides background information on steps to bring to trial Joseph Kony and other leaders of the Lord's Resistance Army.


01.04.2011Water adaptation in Africa, April 2011
This POSTnote discusses adapting water resource management to climate change in Africa.
01.05.2007Tackling malaria in developing countries, May 2007
Tackling malaria in developing countries, May 2007. POSTnote 07/284.

Select Committee Reports

20.03.2012EU: Sudan and South Sudan - follow-up report.
European Union Select Committee (HL) report [Lords]
20.12.2011Piracy off the coast of Somalia.
Foreign Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]
14.06.2011EU and Sudan: on the brink of change.
European Union Select Committee (HL) report [Lords]
18.01.2010Department for International Development: aid to Malawi.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
12.01.2010DFID's programme in Nigeria.
Government response. Department for International Development; International Development Select Committee report [Commons]

Early Day Motions

That this House is concerned about the ongoing threats to, and arrests and killing of journalists in Somalia; condemns the mass arrest of journalists without charge in Somaliland; believes ...
That this House notes the continued frenzied attacks onChristians in Nigeria; condemns those who are choosing to attack people based on their religion; calls on the Government to apply ...
That this House notes that on 11 January 2012 it will be a decade since the first detainees were incarcerated at Guantnamo Bay naval base; believes that Guantnamo detainees should either ...
That this House expresses deep concern at the conduct of the recent elections in Democratic Republic of Congo; notes that the respected Carter Centre found that the election results ...
That this House recognises the deep concern amongst human rights lawyers and experts ontorture across Europe about the 15-year sentence handed down by the Rabat court sitting at Sal ...


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