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09.11.2016Technical and Further Education Bill [Bill No 82 of 2016-17]
The Technical and Further Education Bill 2016-17 sets out provisions to improve the quality of technical education (TE), address skill shortages and support the Government's social mobility agenda. The Bill's proposals will: rename the Institute for Apprenticeships the "Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education" and extend its remit to cover technical education, create an insolvency framework for FE corporations and sixth form colleges and extend the statutory duty to provide information on FE to cover providers of FE who receive funding from the combined authorities. The Bill implements recommendations from the Government's Post-16 Skills Plan and the consultation on developing new insolvency regime for the FE sector.
04.11.2016Post-16 Area Reviews
This briefing provides information on the area reviews of post-16 education and training announced by the Government in July 2015.
16.09.2016Adult further education funding in England since 2010
A summary of how funding for adult further education (including apprenticeships) in England has changed since 2010.
04.05.2016Immigration Bill 2015-16: Lords amendments and ping-pong stages
The Immigration Bill 2015-16 is currently in ping-pong stage. This Commons Library briefing paper gives an overview of the latest developments with the Bill.
07.03.2016Constituency Casework: Training
This note provides Members of Parliament and their staff with information related to frequently asked questions from constituents about training.
30.11.2015Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015: a summary
Updated analysis of the Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015.
28.11.2012Education: Historical statistics
The organisation of every stage of education has undergone significant change over the last century. These changes have fundamentally altered most aspects of education. Historical indicators are therefore particularly interesting, but also problematic. Very few series are consistent over more than a few decades. The definition/size of different stages of education (primary, secondary, further/higher), school leaving ages and examinations have changed markedly as have state organisation and funding. As key concepts in education change so do the types of statistics collected. The increased role of the state in the first half of the 20th century also widened the scope of official education statistics.
28.04.2011Changes to funding for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses
The purpose of this note is to outline the current debate on funding for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses and to summarise changes in policy in this area. ESOL funding has been subject to a series of changes since 2007 when automatic fee remission was removed. This note provides background on these changes, comments on the relevance of proposed changes with regard to the ongoing debate on social cohesion and integration and highlights Parliamentary debate on this issue.
19.01.2009Adult Education
10.12.2007Education and Skills Bill, Bill 12 of 2007-08
Education and Skills Bill. (Bill 12 of 2007/08). House of Commons Library Research Paper 07/87.
01.11.2001Social indicators
Social indicators. (Includes articles on Election Turnout, Adult Literacy and Sources of Social Security Statistics). House of Commons Library Research Paper 01/83.
28.03.2000Learning and Skills Bill (HL) (Bill 96 1999/2000)
Learning and Skills Bill (HL) (Bill 96 of 1999/2000). House of Commons Library Research Paper 00/39.