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Security and access

This topic includes information published by the House of Commons, including responses to past FOI requests, relating to security and access.

Item Description
Parliamentary passes for former MPs A list of former Members of Parliament who currently hold a pass for the parliamentary estate.
Parliamentary Security Camera Policy (pdf, 192KB) Information about the way in which overt CCTV surveillance cameras are operated by or on behalf of Parliament.

Responses to requests

Access rules

File ref Nature of request Response date
F22-474 Media members, existing passholders, and others (not peers/MPs/Parliament staff) to access Westminster Hall during Lying in State 03/11/2022
F22-469 Media names and organisations allowed into Westminster Hall for observation during Lying in State 17/10/2022
  Members access 2022
  Access for the Public 2022
F19-276 Policy for visitor access to Parliamentary estate 10/06/2019
F17-281 MPs and Peers bringing animals into Parliament 26/07/2017


File ref Nature of request Response date
F21-025 Details of commercial filming in Parliament 15/02/2021


File ref Nature of request Response date
F23-440 Pass usage 10/10/2023
F22-480 Journalists issued passes for Lying in State & organisations they worked for 27/10/2022
  Media passes 2022
F21-532 Details of Parliamentary passes including who can apply and access rights 07/12/2021
F21-311 Use of parliamentary passes by former MPs 28/07/2021
F21-219 Details of passes issued to persons & organisations in last 5 years 24/06/2021
F21-180 Copy of review into checking security passes 11/05/2021
  Parliamentary passes 2021
F20-331 Categories and numbers held of Parliamentary passes 11/08/2020
F20-273 Current parliamentary passes sponsored by political parties 01/07/2020
  Parliamentary passes 2020
  Parliamentary pass categories 2020
  Parliamentary passes 2020
F19-346 Reported lost and stolen parliamentary passes 31/07/2019
F18-521 Passes and events 16/01/2019
  Passes and record checks 2019
  Parliamentary passes 2018
F17-338 Parliamentary passes sponsored by political parties 13/09/2017
F17-332 Former Members who are passholders 23/08/2017
F17-179 Passholders sponsored by Members 02/05/2017
  Parliamentary passes 2017

Security off the estate

File ref Nature of request Response date
  Members security 2019

Security on the estate

File ref Nature of request Response date
F23-627 Details of security incidents reported to MPS 18/12/2023
F23-228 List of incidents reported to MPS in 2023 15/05/2023
F23-200 List of security incidents in the HoC since January 2022 09/05/2023
F23-134 Items temporarily confiscated by PSD 28/03/2023
F23-020 Items confiscated by Security 01/02/2023
F22-782 Incidents reported to Met police by the House in 2022 25/01/2023
  Confiscated items - publications 2023
F22-711 Incidents of vandalism on parl estate and cost to repair 19/12/2022
F22-275 Incidents recorded on the parliamentary estate 05/07/2022
F22-232 All incidents reported to Met Police by Parliamentary Security since 2015 31/05/2022
F22-103 Confiscated items on entering Parl over last 3 years 21/03/2022
F21-574 Details of items confiscated from visitors to Parliament 20/12/2021
F19-025 Confiscated Items 11/02/2019
  Removal of Individuals 2019
  Members bar access and bills 2019
F18-491 Reports of vandalism and repair costs 28/12/2018
  Disturbances 2017

Serjeant At Arms

File ref Nature of request Response date
F17-153 Serjeant at Arms expenses 28/03/2017
F17-016 Sergeant at Arms expenses 23/01/2017


File ref Nature of request Response date
F23-497 Copy of room booking log for MPs between August 2022 - September 2023 10/10/2023