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Members training (2023)

File Ref: F23-502

Date of Response: 02/10/2023


  1. Who is responsible for the members trainings/capacity development?
  2. What are the mandatory and optional trainings that the members and their staff have to take (if applicable)?



This information is held by the House of Commons.

In the first instance, please note that Members are not employed by the House of Commons, and operate similarly to 650 self-employed persons. For that reason, we cannot mandate training to them, and they are instead responsible for their own training as well as that of their staff’s.

This said, a number of organisations, including the House but also including others such as the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) and individual political parties, offer a range of optional training courses to Members and their staff. Additionally, they can also source training from external, commercial companies if they wish to.

We hold information on optional training courses offered by the House (csv, 17KB).