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Members training (2020)


Please can you tell me, as of 24th June 2020 (or the most recent date records are kept to), the names of all the MPs who have not yet attended the Valuing Everyone training.



This information is held by the House of Commons

Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic the House has reviewed how these sessions can be delivered and have recently resumed delivery of this training as an online course. It may interest you to know that this workshop is being rolled out to thousands of people from across the parliamentary community. As such, many Members are either booked onto sessions scheduled to take place in the coming weeks or waiting for places to be confirmed on courses currently scheduled over the coming months. To be helpful, we have indicated Members who have confirmed places booked onto upcoming sessions.

It may interest you to know that since the course has resumed as an online seminar, the state of the information you have requested has changed considerably since the date of your request. To demonstrate the continued uptake of the course by Members and to demonstrate that this list is ever-changing, we have also included an updated list of Members accurate as at 22 July 2020, for your information.