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Employee Assistance Programme (2017)


Please can you provide a monthly breakdown of how many calls the hotline has received since it was set up.

If possible, can you include the nature of the call - ie was it about sexual harassment or bullying or something else.




We have interpreted your request to be for information about the Employee Assistance Programme. This provides, amongst other benefits, a free confidential helpline. This helpline is available 24/7 for all Members’ staff.
The service, provided on behalf of the House by Health Assured, allows staff to discuss and seek advice on personal and professional issues, including:
• Health and well-being information
• Financial issues
• General advice on employment law
• Stress at home or work and relationship matters
Additionally, face-to-face counselling sessions can be offered where appropriate

The number of calls to Health Assured since it was set up in May 2014 is held by the House of Commons

You also asked for information relating to the nature of the call.  The House does not hold records about the nature of calls made to Health Assured other than in the past twelve months (November 2016 – October 2017).  During this time, a very small number of calls were identified by Health Assured as being related to concerns about bullying and harassment.  However, owing to the low numbers of these calls (fewer than 5) disclosing this data may make it possible for individuals to be identified. This information is therefore exempt by virtue of section 40 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), as disclosure of this information to the public generally, in the House’s view, would not be consistent with data protection principles in the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). This is an absolute exemption and the public interest test does not apply.