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Employee Assistance programme (2017)


Please provide details of how many calls that Parliament's "harassment hotline" received in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, and how many it has received so far this year.

If possible please include a month by month breakdown for 2017.




We have interpreted your request to be for information about the confidential helpline for Members’ staff which is part of an Employee Assistance Programme currently run by Health Assured.  This programme provides, amongst other benefits, a free 24/7 confidential helpline. The service allows staff to discuss and seek advice on personal and professional issues, including:
• Health and well-being information
• Financial issues
• General advice on employment law
• Stress at home or work and relationship matters
Additionally, face-to-face counselling sessions can be offered where appropriate

The number of calls to Health Assured (since it was set up in May 2014) is held by the House of Commons.