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Customer service

This topic includes information published by the House of Commons, including responses to past FOI requests, relating to customer service.

Item Description
Compliments, Complaints and Comments Policy background and data Feedback received through the House of Commons Compliments, Complaints and Comments scheme.
Compliments, Complaints and Comments scheme Information about the House of Commons Compliment, Complaints and Comments scheme and how it can be used.
Contact us Information about how to contact either House of Parliament.
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to Frequently Asked Questions relating to both Houses of Parliament.
House of Commons Enquiry Service Answers questions about the business, history and membership of the House of Commons (we cannot answer questions on the interpretation of legislation or on government and political party policy).
Search parliamentary material Search parliamentary material is an online search tool that enables you to search for many publications and records of parliamentary business, including debates, parliamentary questions and statements.

Responses to requests


File ref Nature of request Response date
F18-102 Maintenance and catering complaints 03/04/2018
F17-271 Customer/staff feedback logs 25/07/2017


File ref Nature of request Response date
F21-251 Findings of the Members satisfaction survey 09/06/2021


File ref Nature of request Response date