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Catering services

This topic includes information published by the House of Commons, including responses to past FOI requests, relating to catering services.

Item Description
Commons Catering events booking data Information about catered events and functions held in the events venues managed by the House of Commons on the parliamentary estate.
Commons Catering feedback and responses archive Information about feedback received and recorded by the House of Commons Catering Services, with responses to this feedback. Please note that from December 2019 Catering feedback became a part of the House of Commons-wide Compliments, Complaints and Comments scheme.
Commons Catering menus and tariffs archive Sample summer and winter menus and tariffs for House of Commons catering venues, published periodically throughout the year.
House of Commons Catering sales Total sales of food and beverage items sold by the House of Commons Catering Services in our cafeterias, dining rooms, and bars. This information also shows the House of Commons banqueting beverage sales.
Commons Catering social responsibility Details of how House of Commons Catering Services carries out its procurement activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
Commons Catering standard opening times and access arrangements Details of cafeterias, dining rooms and bars on the parliamentary estate, and their opening times and access arrangements.
Environmental FAQs - food waste, by weight Food waste produced in catering venues on the parliamentary estate, in kilograms.
House of Commons cost of catering The net cost, after accounting for income, of all the trading activities of the House of Commons Catering Services.
Venue Hire Information about venues in Parliament that are available to hire.

Responses to requests

Catering finances

File ref Nature of request Response date
F22-264 Cost of subsidies for HoC catering and bar facilities 14/06/2022
F19-456 Breakdown of subsidies provided for catering facilities 07/10/2019
F18-328 Breakdown of catering subsidy 19/09/2018
F18-017 Catering subsidies in the House for last 5 years 05/02/2018
  Cutlery costs 2018
F17-339 Subsidy breakdown of catering facilities 12/09/2017
F17-180 Breakdown of catering price increases in 2017 18/04/2017
F17-148 Budget, revenue and tariffs of House of Commons catering facilities 03/04/2017

Catering sales - drink

File ref Nature of request Response date
F22-239 Amount and type of alcohol purchased in parl bars 01/06/2022
F22-225 Sales figures for each parliamentary bar 30/05/2022
F22-192 Income received from catering sales 11/05/2022
F22-051 Drink sales in parliament during 2021 22/02/2022
F22-027 Alcohol sales in 2021 15/02/2022
F22-035 Alcohol sales in the Palace of Westminster 09/02/2022
F21-298 Alcoholic drinks purchased in Parliamentary bars in last 3 months 12/07/2021
F21-037 Alcohol purchased and MPs catering debts 19/02/2021
F21-019 Alcohol sales in HoC bars 03/02/2021
F21-005 Drinks sales in 2020 25/01/2021
F20-671 Top 100 items purchased in bars 18/01/2021
F20-517 Top 20 drinks ordered in Strangers bar 10/11/2020
F20-073 Drinks bought in House bars on 31 January  13/02/2020
F20-049 Breakdown of alcohol sales in Parliament during specified period 31/01/2020
  Drink sales post curfew 2020
F19-576 Spending on alcohol in parliament 19/12/2019
F19-493 Alcohol spend in the House of Commons for last 2 years 18/10/2019
F19-184 Total amount spent on alcohol over the past four years  25/04/2019
F19-097 Top selling products in bars 21/03/2019
F18-525 Amounts spent in Members only bars on beverages of all types  17/01/2019
  Drink sales - bars 2019
F18-493 Sales of alcohol 20/12/2018
F18-421 Amounts spent on alcohol in various venues 05/11/2018
F18-002 Alcohol spend in House bars after 2017 General Election 25/01/2018
F17-553 2017 spend on beverages in House bars 15/01/2018
F17-275 Amount spent on alcohol 24/07/2017
F17-181 Spending on alcohol for 2016/17 24/04/2017
F17-121 Spend on alcohol in catering establishments in the House of Commons 15/03/2017
F17-093 Drinks sales in House of Commons outlets 27/02/2017
F17-054 Alcohol sales in the House of Commons 13/02/2017

Catering sales - food

File ref Nature of request Response date
F20-670 Top 100 items of confectionery purchased from retail outlets 12/01/2021
F20-234 Refreshments sold in the House since start of virtual Parliament 17/06/2020
F20-100 Biscuit expenditure 26/02/2020
F18-524 Amounts spent in Members only bars on confectionery 16/01/2019
F17-554 2017 spend on confectionery in House retail outlets 15/01/2018
F17-013 Sales of confectionery and soft drinks in the House for 2016 25/01/2017

Food and drink

File ref Nature of request Response date
F23-403 Amount of waste produced by HoC since 2022 26/07/2023
F23-379 Whether HoC catering uses fresh or instant coffee in catering facilities  02/08/2023
F23-126 Cost of food and drink items over last 5 years 21/03/2023
F22-633 Spend on coffee, tea, sugar and printing for last 10 years 28/11/2022
  Purchase of natural mineral water 2022
F21-504 Festive menus for HoC catering facilities 02/11/2021
F20-679 Amount of specified items bought for seasonal menus 19/01/2021
F20-437 Cost and origin of meat purchased by the House over last 3 years 19/10/2020
F19-462 Catering purchases of animal products 07/10/2019
  Palm oil 2018
  Food costs, supply and wastage 2018
  Food stock - purchases 2018
  Bottled water and cups 2018
F17-282 Amount spend on purchasing alcohol by the House over last five years 27/07/2017
  Halal food 2017


File ref Nature of request Response date
F23-671 Food safety inspection reports for HoC catering establishments over last 3 years with any subsequent enforcement actions 12/01/2024
F22-677 Latest food hygiene report for catering facilities 30/11/2022
F21-601 Details of Food Safety Inspections of catering venues on parl estate 04/01/2022
  Bar closures during lockdown 2022
F21-439 Feedback on HoC catering facilities 28/09/2021
F20-356 Question on catering procurement, suppliers and customers 19/08/2020
  Catering availability 2020
F19-340 Figures for purchased cutlery 10/07/2019


File ref Nature of request Response date
F22-744 Details of Vegware used in Parliament 20/12/2022
F21-396 Single-use items on parliamentary estate 15/09/2021
  Plastic cups 2020
F19-031 Plastic items bought 14/02/2019
F18-509 House spending on plastics 09/01/2019
F18-069 Disposable items used in House catering outlets 12/03/2018
F18-018 Purchase of cups by the House 07/02/2018
F17-546 Single use plastic catering items  15/01/2018
  Disposable cups 2018
  Single use items 2018
  Bottled water 2018
F17-510 Use of single use items in the catering service 12/12/2017
F17-413 Disposable cups in House of Commons catering venues 06/11/2017
F17-386 Questions on plastic packaging and recycling 24/10/2017

Venue hire and events

File ref Nature of request Response date
  Weddings 2023
F21-499 Banqueting events held in POW  23/11/2021
  Facility hire 2020
  Wedding receptions 2019


File ref Nature of request Response date
  Substantial meals 2020