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Speaker's Office Publications

A list of all gifts received by Mr Bercow since he became Speaker of the House of Commons and a list of all occasions when Mr Bercow has accepted an invitation to attend an event either at home or abroad.

Gifts received by the Speaker
Events attended by the Speaker

Speaker's Accommodation Project Works

Correspondence regarding furnishing the Speaker's apartments
A schedule of works describing the work undertaken, the rooms in which the work was carried out, the cost and whether or not the work has been completed, together with related correspondence. This information is being made available following an FOI request (F09-645).

Table of costs incurred to furnish the Speaker's apartments
The full correspondence between Sally Bercow and the Parliamentary Estates Directorate regarding furnishings in the Speaker's apartments

Administration Estimate: official expenditure
A table of the work done and costs incurred to furnish the Speaker's accomodation in the Palace of Westminster.