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Lost and Stolen Parliamentary IT equipment

This list details all items of Parliament-supplied IT equipment such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets that have been reported as lost or stolen since January 2019.

Please note the following points about the data supplied:

  • Items may have been lost or stolen from anywhere on the Parliamentary Estate (House of Lords and House of Commons) or elsewhere.
  • Only the location from which items have been lost or stolen is recorded so property from the Commons may have been stolen from House of Lords areas, and vice versa.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to report items lost or stolen and it is not possible to record how reliably this is done, especially for smaller or less valuable items.
  • Lost or stolen IT equipment is reported separately to both the Police and the Parliamentary Digital Service both of whom publish the resulting data. Since the loss or theft of equipment may be reported to one or both entities, a definitive list of said cannot be extracted by viewing this data either together or in isolation.
  • The pricing of Parliamentary IT equipment varies throughout the year so it is not possible to definitively state the value of each item at the time of its loss. A pricelist has therefore been included and will be updated as new prices become available.
  • The pricing of Parliamentary IT equipment is determined through a framework agreement with Parliament's IT supplier.
  • The Parliamentary Digital Service aims to update this proactive publication periodically.
  • Each item price includes support, which varies depending on the hardware type and configuration, i.e. the Digital Services standard build and asset tagging. Laptops and desktops come with the standard operating system build, applications and anti-virus.

Lost and stolen equipment in Parliament 2019

Pricelist 2020

Lost and stolen equipment in Parliament 2020