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Significant Events - Publication of Costs

Publication of expenditure relating to significant events held on or impacting the Parliamentary Estate. Significant events include; State Opening of Parliament, State visits, recall of Parliament, addresses to Parliament.

Events in 2016

State Opening of parliament 2016

Identifiable costs incurred by the House of Commons, as at 10 August 2016: £214,018.84. Included within these costs are the additional costs for policing (represented by additional overtime costs and does not include the costs of the officers who would be on duty anyway), the removal and re-installation of the security barriers and the marginal costs from the House service (i.e. most operating costs are fixed for the year).

This information does not represent the full cost of State Opening, as costs will also have been incurred by other bodies, which may include the House of Lords, Westminster City Council, the Metropolitan Police and the Royal Household. 


Cost GroupTotal (£)
Staff salaries£     29,009.32
Other staff costs£         499.20
Office supplies£      3,692.74
Direct works£   170,924.86
Security£      8,649.02
Other£      1,243.70
Total£ 214,018.84

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