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Costs of Christmas trees and decorations - transparency reporting

In the interests of transparency, the House of Commons is committed to publishing the costs of Christmas trees and decorations.

Trees at Christmas are provided and transported by the Forestry Commission, free of charge. All Forestry Commission trees are sustainably grown on plantations in the UK and are grown especially for the Christmas tree market. They are harvested between six and ten years old and for every tree felled at least one is planted.

The identifiable costs include the cost of erecting the trees, the crane used to assist with the light fixing, and the cost of dismantling and disposal of the trees as green waste.

Costs in 2018 were higher than in previous years due to the need to replace broken Christmas lights, higher cost for tree transportation including moving it in and out of the Parliamentary Estate, relocating one tree on account of ongoing works and events, and a requirement for additional health and safety measures in Westminster Hall due to ongoing works.