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Commons Catering sales of pre-packaged food and beverages

The information provided below shows the total sales of pre-packaged food and beverage items sold by the House of Commons Catering Services in our in-House venues and for functions and events at the House of Commons.

This data includes sales to Members of Parliament and around 14,500 other pass-holders such as MPs' staff, House staff, civil servants, contractors, Peers, members of the Press Gallery, and a large number of non-pass holding visitors to Parliament.

Many of the restaurants and dining room facilities are extensively used to cater for private events at times when they are not required by the House. Sales of pre-packaged food and beverage items to non-pass holding guests are included in the data.

The House of Commons catering service actively encourages healthy eating and drinking in all of our venues and focus on the sale of nutritionally balanced and healthy options, actively promoting a selection of lower fat and lower sugar products such as salads, fruit, yoghurts, nuts and savoury snacks.

Sales of pre-packaged food and beverage data: