House of Commons FOI disclosures

Responses to Freedom of Information requests are frequently published on our pages. Please click on the links below to find information previously disclosed.

Information not held

Certain information isn’t held by the House of Commons so cannot be provided under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Use this link to find details of information routinely requested which isn’t held


Details of requests for information on significant Parliamentary events are available here

Estates information

Find out about the Parliamentary Estate with information on accommodation and maintenance and works

Catering services & retail

Here you can locate information on the costs of the catering service and retail sales. More information may be found in our proactive publications section

The Speaker

For information about expenditure by the House on behalf of the Speaker or matters of general interest concerning the Speaker’s role

Information technology

Disclosures about computers, mobile technology, web usage and general IT information are all available on this page

Human resources

This section includes data on recruitment and staffing, equality and diversity, the House nursery and pay

Official expenditure

Matters such as ceremonial dress and House expenses can be located here

Members of the House of Commons and Members’ staff

Find information on historic expenses information requests, Members’ services and other general information concerning Members and their staff

Other House matters

If the information you require isn’t included in any of the above categories it may be available here

Environmental information disclosures

Learn more about the Environmental Information Regulations on electricity usage and recycling