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Speakers residence spending (2020)


Since Lindsay Hoyle took post as speaker in November 2019, how much money has been spent on the speaker’s residence to date? To be clear, this should include, but not be limited to, costs for furnishing, renovation, restoration, maintenance, as well as any other relevant spending.

Please could you provide an itemised breakdown of spending up until July 1 2020, detailing what the money was spent on, as well as including the dates and invoices for spending. For example, please could you provide details and costs for any building work, individual household furnishings, as well as details of items such as artwork. If redecoration has been included in maintenance costs, please could you state what work was carried out and at what cost.




This information is held by the House of Commons.

There are 3 spreadsheets held by the House detailing costs associated with Speaker’s Residence from 01 November 2019.

  • The spreadsheet “Strategic Estates Information” includes the following:
    1. Green – General maintenance
    2. Yellow – Works to prepare the residence for the new Speaker’s occupancy
    3. Blue – Works relating to the Fire Safety Improvement Programme. The Fire Safety Improvement Programme is delivering a number of projects throughout the Estate to ensure that Parliament is compliant with statutory regulations. The aim of the programme is to make it safer for users and reduce disruption to the business of Parliament due to fire, through compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and Parliamentary Fire Safety Strategy. To achieve this, works were required across the Estate, including within the Speaker’s Residence.
  • The spreadsheet “R – Maintenance Helpdesk Information” includes all jobs raised through the Maintenance Helpdesk for the Speakers’ apartments that incurred costs. Most jobs are completed by in House Craft Teams, thus do not have financial costs to respond to your question.
  • The spreadsheet “R Purchase Order Information” lists all purchase orders or financials raised for works in the Speakers’ Residence.