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Speaker’s Christmas Expenditure (2018)

Please disclose the amount spent by the Speaker’s Office on Christmas events, including receptions, in December 2017 and a description of these events, receptions.

Please provide a breakdown showing the amount spent on alcohol for each event/reception and a further breakdown showing expenditure on wine, beer and spirits for each event and how many bottles of each were bought.

Some of this information is held. We hold a breakdown and description of each event, the total cost of each event and a description of the amount of food and drinks ordered.  We do not hold a record of any further cost breakdown.

You may also be interested in further information relating to these events.

  • The two annual carol services and receptions on the list are to thank staff of the House of Commons for their contribution to the running of the House and have been held by successive Speakers for over 40 years.
  • Speakers of the House of Commons have hosted the lunch for the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army following the annual carol service in Westminster Hall since 1983.
  • Speaker Martin introduced the annual Chanukah service and reception in Speaker’s House for Members and staff of both Houses and Speaker Bercow has continued this tradition.
  • Speaker Boothroyd welcomed seriously-ill children to Speaker’s House for an annual Christmas celebration. Both Speaker Martin and Speaker Bercow have continued this tradition.