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Speaker's Apartment maintenance (2020)


A description and details of any payments made for work done on The Speakers accommodation, since the appointment of Sir Lindsay Hoyle In November 2019 to date please.




This information is held by the House of Commons.

A breakdown of all the payments for works done from the House of Commons for the Speaker’s residence since 01 November 2019. (Table 1)

In addition, the House holds costing information for works done on the Speaker’s apartments as part of the Fire Safety Improvement Programme, as described above. The Fire Safety Improvement Programme is delivering a number of projects throughout the estate to ensure that Parliament is compliant with statutory regulations. The aim of the programme is to make it safer for users and reduce disruption to the business of Parliament due to fire, through compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and Parliamentary Fire Safety Strategy.
In the case of the Speaker’s apartments, asbestos removal works were required in order to facilitate the fire safety works.
The Fire Safety costs, as recorded by the House. (Table 2)