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Speakers Apartment Maintenance (2017)


A breakdown of all spending on the Speaker's residence since January 1. Could receipts be supplied where available, and any correspondence between the Speaker/Mrs Bercow and the House authorities concerning the work.



The information held by the House of Commons is as follows:

  • Table containing details of spending on the Speaker’s apartment from 1 January 2017 to 4 April 2017

Period work was carried out Description Total cost
February 2017 Fixing of blind in Speaker's residence £80.00
(excluding VAT)

In addition to the above, we are aware of work undertaken in January 2017 to refit a window handle in the bedroom of the Speaker’s residence. However, this work was completed as part of a group of maintenance tasks, undertaken across different locations on the Parliamentary Estate, and it is therefore not possible for us to disaggregate the costs of this specific piece of work from the total cost.

The House of Commons holds no records of correspondence between the Speaker or Mrs Bercow and the House regarding the work carried out on the Speaker’s apartment.