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Speaker's Apartment Maintenance (2016)


Please can I be supplied with details of any improvement/maintenance/restoration work carried out on the Speaker's apartment since February 2015. Could I also be supplied with details of any furniture/equipment purchased for the apartment since this time.
The information should be broken down as far as possible to include description, costs, and dates.



The table contains details of any improvement, maintenance or restoration work carried out on the Speakers apartment since February 2015. Please note these figures include VAT where it has been charged and is not recoverable.

Date of work Description Total cost
August 2015 Cleaning of carpets and upholstery in Speaker’s residence £825.00
September 2015 Removal of vinyl floor covering in kitchen to replace blocked waste pipe, levelling out of floor, and re-laying floor with replacement vinyl. £1095.00
December 2015 Replacement of flood-damaged carpet and underlay in ensuite bathroom £872.00
December 2015 Re-fixing of brass pole curtain track in nursery, and re-hanging of curtains £120.00