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Speaker's apartment maintenance (2015)


Details of any improvement/maintenance/restoration work carried out on the Speaker's apartment since April 2013.

Could I also be supplied with details of any furniture/equipment purchased for the apartment since this time.




The information you require for the month of April 2013 is already publicly available on our web pages.

The below is a table containing the information you have requested in relation to the Speaker’s apartment from 1 May 2013 to date of request, 24 March 2015:

Start date of work Description Total cost
28/08/2013 Provision of specialist bulbs for heritage lamps (including additional bulbs to stockpile after being advised they were being discontinued) £560.00
06/06/2014 Repair a cord on roller blind in a bedroom in Speaker’s residence  £50.00
26/08/2014 Cleaning of carpets and upholstery in Speaker’s residence £870.00