Standard Note on affordable housing (2013)


When and why document SN/SC/2964 was withdrawn.

(SN/SC/2964 Section 106 agreements (planning obligations) and the provision of affordable housing)

Under the provisions of the FOI Act please can you supply any documentation that you hold falling within the scope of this request.


The House of Commons does not hold information on the exact date or reason this document was withdrawn. An explanation of the reasons for this is contained in the text below. We hope the following will assist you further in identifying the information you require.

Standard notes are intended as current briefings on areas of topical interest. Some are updated frequently, some hardly at all. There are many reasons why a note might be withdrawn permanently or temporarily. If a note was out-of-date, but an author felt that there wasn’t sufficient interest in the subject to warrant updating it, then they should withdraw it, rather than leave it available. Or, as subjects develop, it may be that it is better to write new notes to cover the subject, rather than try to adapt an old one, or consolidate a number of notes into a single briefing.

Currently, the system we use for publishing standard notes does not save archived copies of notes that are updated or withdrawn, although it does record details of when documents were published/updated/withdrawn. This system has been in place since May 2012 but only records changes from that date.  The underpinning Word documents should be stored internally. In this case it was, it was just that the person who first looked for it looked in the wrong place (the files are stored by section and they assumed the wrong section). Also, given the note does not appear to have been updated since 2004 it will not have been published to the internet as we only started publishing standard notes on the internet (apart from those about Parliament itself) in 2008.

I have attached a copy of the briefing SN/SC/2964 (pdf 352.12KB) (PDF PDF 353 KB) dated December 2004.

The subject of this briefing, section 106 agreements and affordable housing, has subsequently been covered in:
RP06/41 – Affordable Housing in England (August 2006) Planning obligations and section 106 agreements are covered in Section IIIC, p28.
RP12/61 - Growth and Infrastructure Bill (October 2012) pp14-17
SN05724 – The New Homes Bonus Scheme (August 2012)
SN06416 – Stimulating Housing Supply (February 2013)