Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art - expenditure, etc (2012)


  1. Figures showing the amount spent by the committee in each year since
    2007. If the committee’s work has been funded by sources other than the
    Government, please give details.
  2. A list of the portraits / sculptures etc. which the committee has
    commissioned since 2007.
  3. A list of any artworks, including furniture or historic objects, which
    the committee has purchased since 2007.


  1. Table showing the Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art total expenditure and cumulative total by year
Year Total expenditure £ Cumulative total £
2007/07 128,920.33 128,920.33
2008/09 113,944.17 242,864.50
2009/10 94,860.28 337,724.78
2010/11 38,087.51 375,812.29
2011/12* 31,900.00 407,712.29

* 2011/12 figure for the nine months up to 13 December 2011

The funding for work commissioned or acquired by the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art comes from the House of Commons Administration Estimate, not from Government.
Some acquisitions made by the Committee over this period have been part funded by a House of Commons Charity, The Speaker’s Art Fund (Registered Charity No. 1105968).  Details are set out where relevant in the tables below.

     2.   Table showing the works of art commissioned by year, with a description, the artist's name and expenditure

Financial year decision taken to commission item Item description Artist Expenditure 2007/08 £ Expenditure 2008/09 £ Expenditure 2009/10 £
2006/07 Portrait of Shirley Williams Victoria Russell 4000*
2007/08 Bronze cast of original bust of Andrew Bonar Law John E Hyett 5,914.98
2007/08 Portrait commission of Tony Blair - oil on canvas Phil Hale 10,000.00
2007/08 Portrait commission of Michael Howard Richard Stone 4,700.00 4,600.00
2007/08 Portrait commission of Ian Paisley Mark Shields 10,000.00
2007/08 Portrait commission of Menzies Campbell Victoria Crowe 10,346.00
2008/09 Portrait photograph commission of seven parliamentarians Amit Lennon 4,719.85
2008/09 Portrait bust of Jeremy Thorpe - bronze cast of original fiberglass bust Avril Vellacott 1,380.00 9,000.00
2008/09 Portrait bust of Henry Campbell Bannerman - bronze bust from original sculptures by Paul Raphael Montfort Martin Jennings 4,600.00 4,600.00
2008/09 Commission of Exterior view of Portcullis House - oil on canvas Julian Barrow 2,031.25
2009/10 Portrait photographs of five Parliamentarians Nick Ray 2,000.00
2009/10 Portrait photographs of the Liaison Committee, Works of Art Committee and female Secretaries of State John Ferguson 4,020.98
2009/10 Election Artist Commission (photography) Simon Roberts 9,967.05
2010/11 - -
2011/12 - -

* Part payment

 Works of art are commissioned in line with the acquisitions policy of the House of Commons. This specifies that the committee will follow an active policy of commissioning portraits, portrait busts and portrait photographs of important figures within the contemporary House of Commons. Notes of discussions of the Committee since May 2011 and notes of decisions between October 2007 and May 2011 are available on the Committee’s website Works of Art Advisory Committee 

All items are sited around the Parliamentary Estate.

     3.   Table showing portraits, sculptures and other items acquired by the committee, with year item description, artist, cost and contributions from other organisations

Costs allocated to the financial year during which the acquisition agreed by the Committee up to May 2011 where details are available on the Committee's website.

Financial year decision taken to acquire item Item description Artist Total cost of item to Committee £ Contributions by other organisations

2007/08 Contribution towards the following works:


Portrait of baron Holland

Series of 14 caricatures, the 'French Habits' 

Marble bust of Fox 

Portrait sketch of Fox

Charcoal portrait of John Eliot Burns Seven Vanity Fair caricatures of Disraeli etc. Painting of Churchill Arch  


Joshua Reynolds   




Samuel Cotes







50,000.00 SAF contribution
2007/08 Portrait of William Windham After Sir Thomas Lawrence 1,000.00
2007/08 The Election Series - set of four engravings William Hogarth 3,500.00
2007/08 The New Union Club - engraving George Cruikshank 2,700.00
2007/08 Sketch of Interior of St Stephen's - engraving H. Humphrey 850.00
2007/08 Portrait of 1st Baron Sandys of Ombersley - oil on canvas Sir Godfrey Kneller 12,500.00
2007/08 Medal of Honour awarded to Emmeline Pankhurst 1908 22,000.00
2007/08 Series of 25 photographs of Parliamentarians Jane Brown 3,749.58
2007/08 Portrait of Ernest Bevin - watercolour study 200.00
2007/07 Portrait of Stephen Lushington - oil on canvas Abraham Wivell 3,375.78
2007/08 Portrait of David Alfred Thomas, 1st Viscount Rhondda - oil on canvas Ivan Gregorewitch Olinsky 1,121.05
2007/08 The Election (The New Member addresses the People) - oil on canvas C F Wicksteed 6,500.00
2007/08 12 Engravings Cruickshank and various 2,723.92
2008/09 Portrait bust of Sir Robert Peel Matthew Noble 5,594.00
2008/09 Four commemorative photographs of women MPs Kieran Doherty 741.21

View of the Old Palace of Westminster - watercolour

Two views of St Stephen's Chapel - watercolour

William Capon


George Moore

2008/09 Portrait of Sir William Covenry - oil on canvas attributed to Mary Beale 12,500.00
2008/09 View of Old Palace Yard - watercolour Thomas Malton 30,000.00
2008/09 Portrait of William Gladstone - oil on canvas Franz von Lenbach 16,379.86
2008/09 Winston Churchill: Our Heritage - lithograph Robert Austin 1,500.00
2008/09 Portrait of Stanley Baldwin - pencil drawing Frances Dodd 3,254.50
2008/09 Portrait of Sir George Cornewall Lewis - oil on canvas Sir Francis Grant 2,006.27
2008/09 17 satirical prints Various 2,645.00
2009/10 Two portrait photographs of James Ramsay MacDonald - black and white prints Mrs Galsworthy 738.00
2009/10 40 original prints Robert Taverner, Richard Beer, Michael Kirkman, Andy Lovell and Joyce Pallot 10,470.00
2009/10 The Westminster Election - watercolour Gerald Scarfe 6,420.00
2009/10 Tatlin to the Town: Lambeth - two etchings Chris Orr 2,475.00
2009/10 Mother of All Parliaments - etching Chris Orr 1,725.00
2009/10 Portrait of Speaker Lowther - oil on canvas Frank Salisbury 432.00
2009/10 Silver Holloway Prison Brooch 2,750.00
2009/10 Funny turns and deviations' - screenprint Martin Grover 395.00
2009/10 Selection of 19 satirical prints (18th and 19th Century) - coloured engravings James Gillray and other artists 5,000.00
2009/10 View of Henry V11 Chapel from entrance to the Tally Court - watercolour James Miller 12,000.00
2009/10 Portrait of John Rym After Edward Bower 2,500.00
2009/10 Marquette of statue of Baroness Thatcher - bronze cast Antony Dufort 3,162.50
2009/10 Portrait bust of Benjamin Disraeli - terracotta cast Count Gleichen 4,552.50
2009/10 Interior view of Westminster Hall 621.00
2010/11 John Pease Election Banner for Darlington Election 1882 800.00
2010/11 Thomas Wentworth Beaumont commemorative election mug 1,024.78
2010/11 Portrait of Joseph Chamberlain - lithograph William Nicholson 190.00
2010/11 Portrait photograph of Sir Winston Churchill Philippe Halsman 3,403.78


All items are sited around the Parliamentary Estate. Notes of discussions of the Committee since May 2011 and notes of decisions between October 2007 and May 2011 are available on the Committee’s website. The information on the website includes details of acquisitions made since May 2011, including where contributions have been made by the Speaker’s Art Fund.