Short postage (2014)


The annual cost to the House for short postage paid to the Royal Mail or other providers for mail received.

Further to this could this be broken down into postage and admin fees?

Additionally could this be provided over the years 2012,2013 & 2014 to date?




Please note that our response only deals with costs for which the House of Commons is charged. The House of Lords, which is a separate public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act, is charged separately for any shortage in postage costs. You may wish to consider forwarding your request to them. Requests for information relating to the House of Lords should be directed to

Short postage costs occur when mail sent to Members does not have sufficient postage paid.  The House of Commons receives very large volumes of post on behalf of Members each year, of which only a very small proportion require payment of a surcharge.  If these costs were not paid, the alternative would be for the Post Office to return the mail to the sender as undelivered. The House of Commons Commission has decided to continue to meet these costs as not to do so would have a direct impact on the conduct of Members' parliamentary business and might disadvantage vulnerable constituents.

Details of the annual costs of surcharges for under or non-payment of postage to the House of Commons for 2012, 2013 and January to 8 October 2014. (PDF PDF 54 KB)      (CSV version (CSV CSV 2 KB))