Reported Crimes (All years)


 Crimes reported on the Parliamentary Estate.




The spreadsheets below gives a summary of the details held of crimes reported on and around the Parliamentary Estate for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. 

Please note the following points about the data supplied:

  • Security Services are provided by the Metropolitan Police.
  • This is information held by the Metropolitan Police on behalf of the Houses of Parliament.
  • This data covers crimes reported from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons and it is not possible to separate the two.
  • This data does not include thefts reported.  This is separately available under ‘Lost & Stolen Items’.

Since January 2012, owing to the repeated interest in reported crimes and to reduce the work taken to answer individual requests and resulting cost to the taxpayer, the Metropolitan Police now proactively publishes this data on their web pages.

Crimes reported on the Parliamentary Estate

Crimes reported 2008 (XLSX XLSX 9 KB)        (CSV version (CSV CSV 1 KB))

Crimes reported 2009 (XLSX XLSX 11 KB)        (CSV version (CSV CSV 1 KB))

Crimes reported 2010 (XLSX XLSX 9 KB)        (CSV version (CSV CSV 1 KB))

Crimes reported 2011 (XLSX XLSX 10 KB)        (CSV version (CSV CSV 1 KB))