Records Management (2015)


Could you please provide me with a link to the Authorised Records Disposal Policy document.
In addition, if any changes/amendments/alterations to the document have been applied over the last 5 years, could I also be directed towards those.




The Authorised Records Disposal Practice (ARDP) is already publicly available on the parliamentary website. 

Details of all amendments to the policy relevant to the House of Commons over the past 5 years.

  1. Amendments 2011 (PDF PDF 455 KB)
  2. Amendments 2013 (PDF PDF 85 KB)
  3. Amendments March 2014 (PDF PDF 60 KB)
  4. Amendments August 2014 (PDF PDF 141 KB)

Types of changes include:

  • Addition of records relating to activities not previously covered by the ARDP e.g. to reflect development of a new function or activity of Parliament
  • Inclusion of additional sample records to better illustrate existing activities
  • Aggregation of instructions where possible, for example where a number of disparate instructions existed for records emanating from one activity
  • Identification of clearer disposal ‘triggers’ e.g. replacement of instructions such as ‘destroy when reference ceases’ with a defined retention period
  • Amendment of disposal instructions to reflect new or amended legislation, regulations, guidelines or business needs

All changes are subject to consultation and review with relevant staff prior to approval by the Clerk of the House.