Prince of Wales's Consent (2013)


Can you please list each and every occasion since 1 January 2001 when the Legislation Office of the House of Commons has decided and or been notified that a bill requires the consent of the Prince of Wales.

In each can you please identify the bill (s),  the sponsoring department (s)  and the date (s) when it was sent to the Prince of Wales and or his office and or his legal representatives.



The House of Commons does not hold a list of the dates on which the Legislation Office concluded that Prince of Wales’s Consent was required for a Bill.  It holds a list of the Bills to which Prince of Wales’s Consent (PDF PDF 127 KB) has been signified since 1 January 2001; the dates given are those on which the House was informed of Prince of Wales’s Consent.  That information is publically available in the Votes and Proceedings, and subsequently the House of Commons Journals, and Hansard.

Information on when departments wrote to the Prince of Wales about Consent  is not held by the House of Commons.  You may wish to direct your request to the relevant departments listed in the attached document.