Photography (2016)


The cost to the House of official photography of parliament for each of the past five years.




Please be aware that the House of Commons and the House of Lords are separate public authorities for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). On this occasion the costs to the House of Commons include some events which are bicameral, therefore you may wish to consider forwarding your request to the House of Lords for any costs they may hold.

The House of Commons holds this information and the cost of official photography to the House for each of the past five years is shown in the table below. Please note these costs include staffing, equipment and any other expenses relating to official photography and are exclusive of recoverable VAT where applicable.

Financial year Cost £
11/12 38,849
12/13 42,409
13/14 42,005
14/15 44,966
15/16 56,432

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It may interest you to know that the House of Commons Visual Communications team plays a key role in communicating the work of Parliament to the public. The Service produces high quality photographs of major events and the day-to-day business of the House, which are both distributed to press for print and broadcast and via multiple parliamentary social media channels and online use. In addition, the Service produces images for use in both external and internal publications. All these images form a record of the House’s work for future generations.
Many of these images are available at: