Lost property (All years)


Items handed in to the Lost Property Office since 2012.


The spreadsheets below gives a summary of the details held of items handed in to the Lost Property Office, situated in St Stephen’s Hall in the House of Commons.  In some cases, where this information is not held, the fields for the information have been left blank.

Please note the following points about the data supplied:

  • We are unable to differentiate in our records between items found in the House of Commons and those found in the House of Lords.
  • Lost property receipt books prior to 2012 are not held by the House of Commons, in accordance with our records disposal policy.
  • Lost property is stored securely for approximately 6 months.  After that time it is disposed of.  All unclaimed cash is donated to charity.
  • Property handed in may belong to people working on the parliamentary estate (i.e. House staff, Members, Peers, etc.) or visitors.  We do not hold a breakdown of the types of individuals reclaiming property.

Lost Property

2012 (XLSX XLSX 38 KB)       (CSV version (CSV CSV 36 KB))

2013 (XLSX XLSX 44 KB)      (CSV version (CSV CSV 38 KB))

2014 (XLSX XLSX 47 KB)      (CSV version (CSV CSV 41 KB))