Injuries (2015)


Details of injuries suffered by staff/MPs at work in the House of Commons for the most recent 12 month period.

Could you please provide me with details of the injury, including how it is believed to have happened, the date it took place and if medical treatment was required.

Also, if any compensation claims have been made (and amount paid out if claim has been settled).




Information relating to injuries suffered by House of Commons staff and MPs which have been reported to the Parliamentary Safety Team for the most recent 12 month period (1 May 2014 to 30 April 2015) (CSV CSV 6 KB).
Please note that “medical treatment” includes treatment by a first aider, but excludes self-administered first aid such as the injured person applying a plaster to their own wound.

There have been 6 claims against the House of Commons which have arisen from injury accidents that occurred in this period. None of these claims have been settled by the House of Commons.