Flowers (2014)


  • How much has been spent on flowers over each of the last twelve months (September 2013 to September 2014) for which figures are available?
  • Could you specify what events these flowers were bought for?
  • In which locations flowers are displayed/placed in the House of Lords?
  • What staff costs are associated with providing floristry services within the House of Lords?



Please note that the reported figures are Commons only cost, and the split costs with Lords have been reported separately to the House of Lords.

The table below shows the totals for these costs to the House of Commons from September 2013 to September 2014.


Month HOC Cost
September 2013  -
October 2013 £ 56.00
November 2013  -
December 2013 £ 288.00
January 2014 £ 240.00
February 2014  -
March 2014 £ 241.00
April 2014  -
May 2014 £ 216.00
June 2014  -
July 2014 £ 947.00
August 2014  -
September 2014  -
Total: £ 1,988.00
(CSV version (CSV CSV 1 KB) )  


Details of the events are shown in the table below:

Month Event HOC Cost
October 2013 G8 Conference £56
December 2013 State Visit - Republic of Korea £288
January 2014 Nelson Mandela Service £216
January 2014 Other (non-event related) £24
March 2014 State Visit - Germany £241
May 2014 State Visit - Ireland £216
July 2014 State Opening £947
Total £1,988
 (CSV version (CSV CSV 1 KB) )


Please note:

  • A new policy took effect in August 2012 which ensures that no public money is spent on flower displays in the House of Commons with the exception of state occasions and other particularly significant events.
  • There are no costs to the House of Commons for flowers for banqueting functions and other income generated business as these costs are paid for by the customer or revenue from the event.
  • There is no unique cost code used by the House of Commons specifically for expenditure on flowers. Expenditure on costs to the House of Commons has therefore been identified by conducting a search of our finance system for the term ‘flower’.
  • The month when costs are accounted for may differ from the date when the actual expenditure occurred.

Information pertaining to the remaining questions is not held by the House of Commons. The House of Lords are a separate public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act and we note that your request has also been sent to them to answer.