Floristry 2012/13 (2013)


Details of costs incurred by the House of Commons associated with floristry.

  1. How much has been spent on flowers over each of the last twelve months for which figures are available
  2. In which location are flowers displayed / placed in the House of Commons
  3. What staff costs are associated with providing floristry services within the House of Commons



In respect of your first and second questions I am able to provide you with the following information:

The table below sets out the amount spent on flowers, from February 2012 until February 2013 by the House of Commons. 

Where spend is associated with a  State Occasion the amount given represents the House of Commons proportion of the cost, and is in addition to spend on flowers in public areas and dining rooms.     


Flowers for Public Areas and Dining Rooms
February 2012 £1347.00
March 2012 £2687.00
April 2012 £1005.00
May 2012 £1005.00
June 2012 £1005.00
July 2012 £1005.00
August 2012 £0
September 2012 £0
October 2012 £0
November 2012 £0
December 2012 £0
January 2013 £0
February 2013 £0


State Occasions
Loyal Address £1272.00
Diamond Jubilee £135.00
State visit £295.20
State visit £345.60

A new policy took effect in August 2012 which ensures that no public money is spent on flower displays in the House of Commons with the single exception of State Occasions. The House is currently testing the market in order to put in place a contract for flowers for banqueting functions, which will be paid for by those hosting the event.

Your third question asked about staff costs associated with floristry.
No staff costs were associated with the above floristry as all flowers charged included the labour and delivery costs.