Filming in Central Lobby (2016)


On Wednesday 23 March a broadcaster was asked to temporarily stop filming in Central Lobby, as filming rules were not being followed

1) Could you please supply a copy of the regulations covering this.


2) Could you quote the specific regulation that was used to prevent the broadcast of the news item



The House of Commons holds information about the regulations for filming from the broadcasting point in Central Lobby (PDF PDF 14 KB).  These are set out and agreed by the House of Commons Administration Committee.  Each time the filming point is booked the broadcaster must complete and sign a form which outlines the conditions of booking.

It may help you to know that, as made clear by these conditions, broadcasting in Central Lobby must only be in the context of an interview with a Member or an introduction or commentary on specific business in the House that day.  Such interviews are conducted against a normal background of routine business and passers-by in Central Lobby.

Central Lobby is a place where MPs can meet constituents and provides a place for individual citizens or groups to lobby Parliament and make their case for a particular policy or cause.  It should not be used in a way that attempts to disrupt the work of Parliament, and when this happened on Wednesday 23 March, the broadcasters were asked to temporarily suspend filming.

Responsibility for implementing filming rules and matters relating to order in and around the Chambers of both Houses rests with the Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons and Black Rod in the House of Lords, assisted by the police as necessary.