Election Artist (2017)


Can you please provide the total expenses claimed by each artist acting in the role of Official Election Artist.


  • Adam Dant (2015),
  • Simon Roberts (2010),
  • David Godbold (2005),
  • Jonathan Yeo (2001).

Is it also possible to provide a copy of the expenses claimed?
And/or provide a list of expensable items, i.e. Mileage, Train, bus, taxi travel, food, artist materials, mobile phones, camera equipment, phone contracts etc



Some information is held by the House of Commons.

Please note the following points about this data:

  • We do not hold a breakdown of expenses claimed in relation to the 2001 commission, only the total cost.
  • An expenses payment of £422.84 was made to David Godbold in 2005, but we no longer hold details of what these expenses were.