Disturbances (2014)


Could you send me all your records regarding break-ins (both successful and attempted) and general disturbances in the House of Commons for the last 25 years.

By ‘break-ins’ I mean unauthorised members of the public attempting (successfully or otherwise) to enter the House of Commons chamber, members’ lobby or division lobbies.

By ‘general disturbances’ I mean attempts to protest, disturb or demonstrate in the House of Commons chamber, public gallery, press gallery, members’ lobby or division lobbies by members of the public.



Whilst there is no official mechanism for recording incidences in the House of Commons, a partial record of relevant incidences (PDF PDF 53 KB) is held by the House of Commons Doorkeepers. No records of incidents from October 1989 to 18 March 2003 are held by the House of Commons.

The Metropolitan Police also hold some information on behalf of the House of Commons.  The data held consists of a record of one count of a Public Order offence on 22 October 2014 in the Public Gallery; the same incident as referred to in the doorkeepers’ list.  The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that data is only held from 1996 onwards.