Cost of producing monthly details of expenditure and resulting FOI requests regarding Transparency Agenda (2012)


  • Can you please provide me with details of how much it costs your main department (based on staff time) to provide monthly details of expenditure over £25,000 as part of the Transparency Agenda. If you have opted to provide details at a lower threshold, please let me know what the threshold is and the how much it costs to provide this.
  • Approximately how many FOI requests have you received as a result of the financial information disclosed under the Transparency Agenda, since it was introduced in May 2010?


The disclosure of information is provided as part of the wider transparency agenda and draws on information held on the management information systems.  It is estimated to involve, on average, one day per month of a member of staff at a cost of around £3,000 per annum.  

We do not hold records of requests received specifically as a result of the information disclosed under the Transparency agenda. The Department of Finance have answered 33 FOI requests from 1st January 2012 to present (11th September 2012).