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City Remembrancer (2018)


By use of a detailed seating map of the chamber, can you please show me exactly in the House of Commons where the City of London Remembrancer is allowed to sit.



This information is held by the House of Commons. The City Remembrancer is able to sit in the under-gallery immediately behind the Serjeant at Arms’ place, facing the Speaker’s chair but at the opposite end of the Chamber.  Other law officers and the parliamentary agents (who act on behalf of the promoters of private bills) also sit in the under-gallery.  Please note that those in the under-gallery are not able to take any part in the formal proceedings in the Chamber.

While we do not have a plan that labels the under-gallery of the House of Commons, you can see it clearly by taking the Virtual Tour of the Chamber which is available on our website.

  • a frame from the virtual tour, showing the Serjeant’s chair which is to the left and slightly raised, and the under-gallery which is further back behind wooden railings, along the rear wall and adjacent to the doorway.