House of Commons Members and All Party Parliamentary Group passes (2012)


How many parliamentary passes a Member is ordinarily allowed

Details of requests made for additional parliamentary passes

Which Members requested the passes

Full details of parliamentary passes issued to individuals working on behalf of APPGs


A Member of Parliament is usually allocated 3 staff passes. Additionally, they may also be allowed 1 pass for the purpose of an intern or work placement student, 1 pass for the purpose of a carer or other special requirement and a pass for their spouse/partner.

Requests for additional passes are supported by a business case from the Member concerned and, under the delegated authority of the Administration Committee, the Serjeant at Arms may agree such requests. Requests have been received for a variety of reasons:

  • Shadow Cabinet responsibilities
  • Job share arrangements
  • Part-time additional staff
  • Temporary staff for a particular project or task
  • Departmental responsibilities
  • Special circumstances such as a requirement for a temporary carer or other bespoke arrangement.


APPG pass holders are required to record certain intersts in the relevant volume of the Registers of Interests. This includes engagement in any remunerated employment or occupation which is advantaged by their pass.