Annual budget afforded to the Parliamentary Estate (2012)


The annual budget afforded to the Palace of Westminster for the last 3 years

  • The total expenditure on heating, water and electricity
  • The annual cost of security at the palace (excluding the Metropolitan Police)
  • The annual cost to run the restaurants with the palace
  • Any accommodation available at the palace (if so the number of rooms)
  • Additionally I would like to know if every MP has an office at the palace and if so, how much it costs the palace to run that office.


This response provides information held by the House of Commons; however, the Palace of Westminster is also occupied by the House of Lords.       
The House of Commons Estate includes a number of buildings in addition to the Palace of Westminster.  In general, the information  is held for the whole of the House of Commons areas of the Parliamentary Estate, rather than for the Palace of Westminster specifically. 

  • Annual administration accounts and business plans set out the costs of running the House of Commons as a whole.
  • Total expenditure by the House of Commons on gas, electricity, water and oil for the Palace of Westminster:

2011/12     2010/11     2009/10
£1.359m     £1.328m     £1.429m