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Serjeant at Arms expenses (2017)


Please could I be supplied with a detailed breakdown of all official spending by the Serjeant at Arms since January 2016.



You asked for a detailed breakdown of all official spending by the Serjeant at Arms since January 2016. We have interpreted this to be for all expenses incurred by or for the Serjeant at Arms, Kamal El-Hajji (since February 2016) and his predecessor Robert Twigger (who was interim acting Serjeant at Arms from 21 September 2015 to 1 February 2016).

This information is held by the House of Commons.
Table showing the expenses incurred by the Serjeant at Arms between 1 January 2016 and 13 March 2017.

As with other senior officials who have a ceremonial and procedural role, the Serjeant at Arms is required to dress in quality durable clothing that is appropriate for duties in the Chamber. The office of Serjeant at Arms dates back to 1415 and the post holder performs ceremonial duties that date back to the early days of the office, for example participating in the Speaker’s daily procession and being actively involved in major state ceremonies. We continue to drive down costs where possible, to ensure value for money for the taxpayer, and we repair and re-cycle uniform whenever possible. Find out more about the Office of the Serjeant at Arms on our Parliamentary pages.

We noticed that you made a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act in October 2016, where you asked to be provided with a breakdown of expenditure on ceremonial garments since 28 August 2015. In our response to that request, we told you that the costs incurred for the Serjeant’s uniform on the 22/2/16 were £ £5,688.04. We have since realised that this was incorrect data, and for this we sincerely apologise. The table above shows the accurate data in relation to both your requests. If you do have any queries about this, please use the request number quoted in the subject line of this email.