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Committee costs (2018)


Please could I be supplied with a breakdown of the costs incurred by Commons committees in the last financial year. Could the information be provided in a similar format to the usual sessional returns.




Information about committee costs for the Sessional Returns for the financial year 2017/18 are held by the House of Commons.
Please note that the preparation of the Sessional Returns takes committee staff a number of weeks at the end of the parliamentary session.  This work includes checking and summarising costs as well as collating and supplying other explanatory information related to those costs, such as which Members were involved in committee activities and the purpose of each activity.  As we are only half way through this session, we only hold raw financial data, which we have supplied in a format as close to the Sessional Returns as we are able for the purpose of your request.  We are not obliged to create the remaining explanatory information to answer your request, but this will be included when the Returns are published at the end of the session.