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MPs repayments (2017)


Please could I be supplied with details of the amounts repaid by MPs and former MPs relating to the House’s previous expenses system since 2011.

Could this information include names of the MPs, how much they repaid in each year, and what class of expenses the repayments relate to.




Some information is held by the House of Commons. Please note, we only hold records of details of repayments from April 2012 and therefore we do not hold information for the entirety of your request.

Two former MPs, Helen Clark and John Lyons, both began making payments in 2010 as part of an agreed schedule of repayment following the Sir Thomas Legg report.

Please note, Helen Clark’s debt was fully paid off in 2013. John Lyons is still repaying monies owed to the House, and a repayment agreement of £100 a month is in place.