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Members expenses (2015)


How do I find out which 5 MPs have not yet paid monies owed due to over claiming expenses and why they have not yet repaid the same.




Information about each of the five former Members of Parliament who have not repaid all monies owed for over claiming expenses while in office is as follows;

Information about Lorna Fitzsimons and Irene Adams has been published and can be found on the parliamentary website.

As this information is reasonably accessible to you otherwise than under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 your FOI request is refused. In refusing your request the House is applying the exemption set out in section 21 (1) and (2) (a) of the FOI Act.  This is an absolute exemption and the public interest test does not apply.

Mr Jim Devine was found guilty of false accounting in 2011. The court found that monies were owed to the House of Commons.  He has since been declared bankrupt and a payment has been made to the House of Commons as part settlement of his outstanding debt from the administrators of his assets.  Owing to his bankruptcy, no further payment is expected.

Repayment of any monies owed by Ms Margaret Moran are not being pursued owing to her ill-health.

A repayment agreement is in place for monies owed by Mr John Lyons.