Language courses provided by the House of Commons in 2011-12 (2012)


  • The languages taught and the number of MPs/ officials studying each language
  • The total cost and a break-down of cost by language
  • The names of the individual MPs 


Cost of language training for Members of Parliament in the 2011/12 financial year by language:

Language Cost
Hebrew  £676.80
Spanish  £2,418.00
 Italian          £2,341.45
Mandarin  £702.00
Russian    £342.79

By Member of Parliament:                       

Member/Language Cost
Joe Benton (Spanish) £1,008.00
Nick Boles (Hebrew) £676.80
Jeremy Hunt (Mandarin) £702.00
Edward Leigh (Italian)      £1,417.45
Tony Lloyd (Russian)    £342.79
Emma Reynolds (Spanish) £651.00
Linda Riordan (Spanish) £630.00
Dame Joan Ruddock (Italian) £924.00
Joan Walley (Spanish) £129.00

Language courses provided to the House officials 2011/12 (PDF PDF 47 KB)