Library charges (2012)


  • Charges met by MPs for the non return of library books between 2009 and 2011
  • Total charges for 2009-10 and 2010-11
  • The highest amount charged to one MP in each year.


The House of Commons Library does not charge MPs for the late return of books borrowed from its own holdings. 

In the case of inter-library loans, if the lending library makes a charge for late return, the borrower is asked to pay this; the British Library is the only external Library to impose such a charge. 
Non-returns:  The Library charges a standard fee of £20 for non-returned items form its own stock, during the financial year 2009/10 this charge was set at £15. For items borrowed from external libraries and not returned the charge is set by the lending library concerned and passed on in full to the borrower. Charges are imposed on Members, staff of the House and external libraries.

Charges levied were:
2009/10 Late return: £66.75
                Non –return: £1,135
2010/11 Late return: nil
                Non – return: £898.31

The highest amount charged to one MP in each year was:
2009/10 £90
2010/11 £151.50

List of books and related charges 2009-2011 (PDF PDF 156 KB)