Parliamentary Website Access in 2012 (2013)


I am looking for information about internet webpages accessed. Please could you provide me with the following:

  • A list of the 500 most accessed websites – in terms of pages views (or however you record this) – on Parliament network computers over the past 12 months (January 2012 to December)
  • Please could you provide the URL of the website and number of times it has been assessed by computers on the Parliament network.


We understand your request to be for a list of the 500 most accessed sites between January and December 2012.  However, due to the way our systems record information we do not hold an annual record, only a month by month breakdown. Parliament’s Internet website access management system enables us to provide you with the attached documents.

Accuracy of the attached data cannot be guaranteed. Sites such as Facebook utilise an auto refresh tool which basically keeps reloading elements of a page, without the user having to click the reload button. We are aware of Facebook doing this for wall posts, messages and its chat system. It isn't the only site that uses this method but is statistically most noticeable.

The report for March 2012 is not complete. I have been informed that this is due to different forms of corruption with the data and consequently the data provided are the only data that can be supplied. 

In light of the above, we do not consider the data to offer an accurate representation of the actual number of visits made to sites.   

Please be aware that:

  • The data supplied covers both Houses and all users of the Parliamentary Network (PN) e.g. MPs, Members of the House of Lords, their staff and staff of the House Administrations.  It is not possible to break the data down by House or user type.
  • The data covers all sites accessed via all ‘non-public’ computers on the Parliamentary Estate;
  • The staff policies for both House Administrations permit staff to access the Internet for personal use in non-working time (while setting clear boundaries and having measures in place to discourage inappropriate use);
  • ICT security policies apply to all PN users;
  • Members of either House and their staff, as well as certain administration staff of both Houses in public-facing/engagement roles, may access various Internet-based media to respond to the public; and
  • These figures may not readily indicate the volume of Internet usage in terms of activity or time for some websites for the following reasons: a user may visit a website once but generate a number of “views” and/or “sessions” while connected (even if not active) according to the design of that website a user may access a site that contains optional or automatic links to another, others or other ‘pop-up’ arrangements, which are recorded as views or sessions without active connection linking, redirection or active connection to websites that are inaccessible from the PN under Internet access management arrangements will nevertheless be recorded in this dataset depending on the design of some websites, some views of what might be regarded as the same website may be recorded under different entries . 

Monthly breakdown of Accessed Internet Sites