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Attendance in the House and participation in divisions by individual Members of Parliament

There are no official lists showing individual MPs' attendance in Parliament or participation in divisions or other Parliamentary proceedings.

Members of Parliament are not obliged by parliamentary rules to attend the House at any time. Political parties may make demands of their MPs, but that is a matter for them.

Erskine May, the authority on parliamentary procedure states:

"On ordinary occasions the attendance of Members in Parliament is not enforced by either House.

In the House of Lords the name of every Lord present during the sitting of the House is taken down each day by the Clerks and entered in the Journals. In the Commons ensuring attendance has become a function of party machinery, and the Whips of the various parties make it their duty to secure adequate representation for all important divisions. The Minutes of Committees include attendance lists and these, together with the publication of division lists and records of debate in the Official Report, allow Members to demonstrate their regular attendance in Parliament."
Erskine May, Parliamentary Practice, p.47

The text of debates shortly after they have taken place and the list of who voted which way in a division is available in Hansard which can be accessed on the parliament website at 8.00am on the day following a debate. Each division will show the number and names of "ayes" and "noes" and also the names of the tellers for each side.

For Select Committees, the members that attended are listed at the top of the of each evidence session. Furthermore, each edition of the Sessional Returns provides details of membership and the number of meetings attended.

The Sessional Returns are published after the end of a session and give aggregate information for the House.