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Trees in Portcullis House (2018)


What the annual costs have been for the years 2016/17, 2017/18 to date and then the 2018/19 (forecast) for the trees in Portcullis House?



This information is held by the House of Commons. These costs are as follows:

Item 2016/17 2017/18
to date/forecast
2018/19 (forecast)
Portcullis House trees and planters £19,900 (exc. VAT) £20,000
(exc. VAT)
(exc. VAT)

Please note that the costs also include, but cannot be disaggregated from, the maintenance of 36 trough planters which are situated between two adjacent buildings.  In June 2017, there was also expenditure on essential maintenance work to stabilise the trees to prevent them uprooting at a cost of £9,875 excluding VAT.

It may help you to know that the twelve fig trees (Ficus Nitida) in the Portcullis House atrium contribute to the building’s environmental and acoustic performance, as well as limiting the footfall of the area.  They also have important natural benefits including cooling, humidity regulation, air quality and sound proofing.