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Renovation costs (2015)


In the last two years how much has been spent on renovation work to both Houses of Parliament.



Please note that our response to your question relates to the House of Commons only. The House of Lords are a separate public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act therefore, you may wish to consider forwarding your request to them. 

Information held by the House of Commons is provided in the table:

Financial year Costs of renovations
2013/14 £16,356,163
2014/15 £20,154,287
Total for both years £36,510,450

The table shows the cost of renovation works on the Parliamentary Estate. We have interpreted ‘renovate’ to mean restoring to a good state of repair, including replacement of building services (such as fire safety systems, cooling and heating systems). Costs are expressed in financial years and the figures are inclusive of VAT where it has been charged. The information relates to the House of Commons Administration only.